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Art Apprenticeship Program

Art Apprenticeship Program | Hein Academy of Art - Salt Lake City, UT

Like the students of other crafts and trades a complete immersion of the art student into the life, work and practices of a working professional is the most effective means of education. This is why the Hein Academy of Art is patterned after these Renaissance studios...

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Art Classes

Art Classes | Hein Academy of Art - Salt Lake City, UT

Weekly painting and drawing classes are for the hobbyist or professional looking to advance their skills but who don’t have the time to devote to the...

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Art Workshops and Events

Art Workshops and Events | Hein Academy of Art - Salt Lake City, UT,UT

The Hein Academy of Art holds events such as workshops, student shows, open houses and art unveilings. Artists, art historians and gallery owners from around the country...

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Welcome to Hein Academy of Art

Hein Academy of Art in Salt Lake City is a premier art school which helps each student develop into a creative and professional artist with a broad and exceptional skillset. Students immerse themselves into their art, while studying a strict curriculum at their own pace. They learn by doing and by seeing as they work steps away from Hein while he creates his own paintings and sculptures.

When Hein Academy of Art students graduate, they have a consistent, professional quality, body of work to begin their career in their chosen genre. They will also have the tools to be successful in the industry. Enroll in a class or course and discover all there is to learn.

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