Art Classes

Classical art training for artists of all levels.

Art Classes

Art Classes | Hein Atelier of Traditional Art - Salt Lake City, UT


Weekly painting and drawing classes are for the hobbyist or professional looking to advance their skills but who don’t have the time to devote to the HAA ‘Studio Program’. Each class is taught by an exceptionally qualified artist and they cover a variety of subjects. All skill levels are welcome and no application is required.

Portrait Drawing

Instructor: staff
Class Times: Saturdays 9am-12pm
Cost: $125/month

Adult Figure Drawing/Painting

Instructor: Lis Pardoe (award winning artist and Hein Atelier of Traditional Art graduate)
Ages 16+ (those under 18 require a legal guardian signature)
Class times: Wed. 6-9pm
Cost: $150/month

Youth drawing and painting class

Instructor: Jenna Carrington

This class is for youth who are interested in learning traditional drawing and painting skills. Art education of children, in the past few hundred years, has seen a dramatic decline in quality. In past centuries children studied art under master painters and were taught academic drawing and painting principles from a very young age. This often led to students creating master works by their late teens and early twenties. While this practice of academic training continues today in other art forms, such as music and dance, in the visual arts most teachers have resorted to simply encouraging personal expression without emphasizing craft. At the Hein Atelier of Traditional Art we believe that children are very capable of learning advanced drawing and painting skills. Starting a child early in classical art training will not only brings him/her great satisfaction, discipline, and confidence but will also give him/her a significant advantage in the competitive art world, should they choose visual art as a career later in life.

Ages 8-16
3 Class time options:
Every Monday, 4-6pm
Every Thursday, 4-6pm
Every Saturday, 10am-noon
Cost: $80/month

• 18x24 drawing pad
• Clip board for pad
• Vine or willow charcoal
• Charcoal pencils- 4b, 2b, HB (soft, medium, hard)
• Kneaded eraser
• Oil pastels
• Colored pencils (optional)